Air Freight

Around the globe capacity and demand can change instantly so it’s essential to have a partner who provides stability and reliability to maintain your supply chain’s total integrity. We are one of the largest air freight transportation providers, offering a full and comprehensive package of premium, value-added services and specialist products.

100% Safe Delivery

Delivering improved productivity/turnover & reduced costs which frees up cash flow.

Road Transportation

Committed to delivering goods in the most cost effective and efficient way by combining transport execution with globally recognised transport management system that meets all your road freight needs.

Why Choose Us

No Surging

We design and implement industry leading solutions for large and medium-size national and multinational companies.

We Are Professional

Our core focus is developing expert import/export clearing Agent and freight forwarder  solutions, delivering SIMPLICITY to you and your business.

Just Placeholder

Our live visibility and exception management systems ensure that you as the customer are always in control.

We will offer you best prize


We provide custom solutions that are scalable to any industry and any supply chain environment with the key focus of delivering profits and

enhancing competitive advantage.

Ground Transport Service

We are able to monitor and dynamically react to situations such as adverse weather,additional pick-ups or drop offs or heavy traffic, meaning that your goods are always travelling the most efficient route.

Fast Delivery

Your business depends on getting the right goods to the right location at the right time – every time. Air Crossing Freight has a proud, long-standing track record of doing exactly that.

Secured Service

With a strong commitment to continuously deliver service excellence, our import and export specialists have a deep understanding of your business, enabling them to suggest and deliver improvements that provide tangible value to your business.

Customs Servicing

Our Customs Audits, reviews and Tariff consulting delivers added value to your business.

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We take pride in serving our customers safely.